Speech Information Processing Lab

Department of Electrical Engineering

IIT Hyderabad, India

About Us

Our research focus is to address issues in processing, analyzing, understanding and manipulation of “real” speech i.e., read, conversational, emotional as found in real-environments for the development of robust speech systems in multiple languages specifically in the context of India. The speech group is also focused on development of speech recognition, speech synthesis, prosody models, speech enhancement, spoken audio search, phonetic engine for Indian languages, language identification, speaker recognition for biometrics, voice conversion, speech summarization and spoken dialog systems.
The lab is headed by Dr. Sri Rama Murty Kodukula.

Research Areas

Automatic Speech Recognition

Acoustic modelling for speech to text

Computational Auditory Scene Analysis

Analysis of acoustic environments for audition research

Machine Translation

English to Indian language translations

Speech Enhancement

Multi microphone array based enhancement strategies

Speech Synthesis

Generation of speech waveform closest to human